Start with Why

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
~ Simon Sinek.

To effectively communicate your advantage, Muse starts by asking Why?
What’s your cause, purpose and belief?

Branding is strategic and builds loyalty. Your brand is the expression of the essential truth or value of your organization, product, or service. It is the communication of the characteristics, values, and attributes that clarify what your brand is all about.

Uncover Your Greatness

Muse discovery sessions have evolved into a highly effective and streamlined process. Our Uncover Your Greatness program includes a half-day facilitated session with stakeholders. This leads to a report that becomes a blueprint for next steps – a readable, plain language document that one client called, “the most useful marketing plan I have participated in”.

Brand Naming

Have you ever wondered how a great name happens? Muse creates memorable names for companies, products, and causes that resonate with people. We research name availability and perform testing and focus groups. We also find the best available domain names as part of the process. Your name is critical to building awareness and achieving success. Muse helps you get it right.

Logo Design

Great logos solve problems. They don’t create them. Logos that try to convey too much meaning or pack in tons of information usually look less professional. It can look like you’re trying too hard. When you have a logo that really works, you can use it forever. Sometimes a complete redesign isn’t necessary. Muse then recommends a ‘brand refresh’ using the main elements of the existing logo.

Tagline / Positioning Statement

A tagline is an audible representation of your brand. Muse develops taglines that inspire and clarify your brand while communicating your difference.  A great tagline helps your customers connect to your brand. We have created memorable taglines for large and small organizations.

Brand Story Development

Your brand story is more than copy, content or the words that you use to communicate your message. It’s an intricate picture combining both facts and feelings. It expresses who you really are. Brand stories communicate your vision and your value truthfully. It reminds you where your idea began and how you share it with the world. Muse crafts brand stories that guide your communications and even your decision making.

Corporate Identity Systems

One of the best ways to help people to remember you and trust you is by being consistent. The same is true for companies and organizations. A consistent visual identity helps audiences recognize you in a visually overloaded world. Muse develops Branding Standards Guidelines to make it easier for you to keep things “on brand”. Consistent use of all branding elements in print and online help build and maintain credibility and trust.

Graphic Design

Exceptional design is the cornerstone of Muse. Our partners are highly trained, experienced, and extremely picky graphic designers. Our creative director has taught university design courses for many years. Our designers bring their passion and skills to every project they touch. Great design builds understanding and brand engagement. Design solves problems. Our goal is to create an elevated experience for everyone who comes in contact with the work.

Illustration, Photography and Video

We live in a visual world. Humans have been making pictures to tell their stories from our earliest times. In fact, pictures are our earliest recorded history. Muse takes visual storytelling seriously. We identify great ways to tell your story. We provide in-house photography and illustration services and access to talented freelancers. We also offer high quality stock image services.

Our Work

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Laura’s Casual Kitchen

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