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As part of our contribution to this year’s #5DaysForGood initiative, Muse volunteered to support Farmwork To Feed Canada. F2FC was established to address Canada’s challenges with food security and farm labour shortages as a result of COVID-19. We value the spirit in which this group formed. With 100% volunteer participation, F2FC is harnessing the skills of communications and public relations professionals, and empowering recent graduates in those fields to apply their newly acquired skills towards a vital, timely, and national issue. This was an ideal way for us to contribute our time and skills for 5 Days For Good.

We appreciate the spirit and power of 5 Days For Good. It’s an opportunity to focus our energy into a substantial effort across a 5-day campaign of giving. What began as an intensive, short-term commitment has evolved into an ongoing and rewarding experience for us.

Muse President Judy Boswell has taken on the role of F2FC Digital Team Leader, mentoring students and recent graduates from Mohawk College, Centennial College, Sheridan College, Niagara College, and McMaster University. The Muse team developed the branding and created the Farmwork to Feed Canada website to communicate compelling stories and build awareness of, and support for, Canada’s farming and agri-food business sectors.

Using social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, Farmwork to Feed Canada aims to maximize the reach and impact of the key messages from leading farm, agriculture and agri-food organizations and federal and provincial government stakeholders.

“The Digital Team is developing its own campaigns, creative concepts, and powerful key messages. It is my privilege to work with such a dedicated and talented group of young people,” says Judy.

F2FC volunteers seek to:

  1. Get the word out and bring farmers and workers together
  2. Foster greater public awareness, understanding, and support for agriculture and agribusiness in Canada
  3. Educate Canadians about the important role they can play in preserving and protecting the security of Canada’s food supply

We invite you to check out the Farmwork To Feed Canada website and connect with them on their social platforms.


Photo of a young woman carrying a box of fresh produce, Canadian flag painted on the box, looking into the sunset over a field of growing vegetables. Muse Marketing Group article image

This isn’t just a field, it’s the fuel of a whole nation.

Design and copywriting by Miguel Gonzalez-Corte,
Student, Mohawk College, Advertising & Marketing