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Do you think it’s inconvenient when your power goes out during a storm? So do we. Now imagine the power surging at a nuclear energy plant, a hospital or a sports arena. Think of all the damage an electrical surge could do to costly equipment! Innosys Power has been mitigating this damage since 1985 with surge protection devices for a wide range of facilities. Pretty big deal, right? We think so.

About a year ago, Innosys approached Muse to redesign some of their corporate marketing materials. When Innosys National Sales Manager Tim Dakers first met with Mark and Judy at our Cotton Factory office, he enjoyed their conversations “right off the bat”. Tim appreciated their candor and honesty, which is exactly what Muse liked about Tim. A match made in marketing heaven!

Mark’s quote on branding, “When your message reflects your brand, and your brand reflects your company values, you are doing business authentically., resonated with Tim: “That is how I want to project my company across Canada.”

Over the course of their weekly meetings a trustworthy partnership began. Muse performed a foundational audit of the Innosys website to better understand the site’s traffic and, as Mark explains, “allow us to make data-driven recommendations.” 

As leaders in the Canadian Power Quality industry, it was crucial to Innosys that their website explained why they do what they do and how they can help prospective customers. According to Tim, Innosys wanted to take their slow and tricky-to-navigate website and turn it into an effective sales tool. “Our previous site was just an online resource for our staff and agents. It had very little sales-style information that would attract new leads.” 

“The beautiful thing about digital marketing is that there is tons of data that you can use to write better language that will allow you to better show up when someone is looking for your services. That same data also helps to inform the site’s structure. Once you’ve got the right words and user experience in place you can continue to use the data to enhance the site’s performance.” says Mark.

After a few planning sessions, Muse put into play a detailed roadmap to deliver Innosys a data-informed reimagining of their website. “When we think about what’s next, what should be done, we always imagine ourselves as the owners of the company,” says Mark, explaining how Muse develops their roadmaps.

“Mark in particular went to great lengths to learn and understand our industry and our products. Heck I would hire Mark as a sales manager for our team if he was looking.” says Tim, always in good humour.

Innosys Power Website

Innosys Website as of August 2021

Since the new website launched in June 2021, the number of users and site sessions has increased by nearly +133% each. Now those are figures we’re proud of!

Innosys’ big plans don’t stop at a great website. The next step, as Tim describes, is an online learning platform for “agents, distributors, contractors and engineering partners”. Being a leader in your industry means giving others the tools they need to be successful leaders, too. Tim believes “Muse is [their] best shot to do it right the first time”.  Muse looks forward to helping Innosys Power to achieve their next big goal.

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