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The new Muse brand is an intrinsic part of our organization – our philosophy, how we speak, how we approach business, and is ultimately reflected in the work we do.

Branding is not simply a new logo; it’s an immersive experience that touches on all aspects of a business. Consider how a person interacts with your business – from appreciating the design principles and typography of your logo, experiencing the physical space of your office, feeling the texture of your business card, reading the words on your website, and listening to the language you use when speaking. It’s all a reflection of your brand, and your values.

We’re excited to show you what it looks like when a brand comes together. 

Our video incorporates the essence of sound, movement, mood and language to engage the senses and spark an emotional connection. We chose a man dancing to the sound of his own music. He’s stylish, happy and feels good because he’s expressing himself. We often use imagery of children in our materials because they freely use their imagination and do what makes them happy.

Authentic. Human. Real.

We all have a need for personal connection. At Muse we strongly believe in building and nurturing long-lasting relationships. It’s about people and making personal connections with our team, clients, neighbours and community. We want to make people feel how we feel – happy and inspired. When you feel good you want to share that happiness with others, and ultimately people remember how you make them feel.


When it came to rebranding a branding agency we treated ourselves like our own client. Muse has evolved since we first started the business and wanted a new brand to reflect those important changes.

From research to big thinking, our comprehensive analysis drilled down to the core of our brand. It involved really getting to know ourselves – what our brand is, why it exists, and our purpose. That knowledge informed a thoughtful choice of words, colours and images which together with our brand story emerged into an all-inclusive brand that was then translated into experiences and feelings.

It was a fun and enlightening process that gave us the opportunity to reflect on how far our agency has come, and dream about what it may become. A brand never stops evolving. It is constantly changing and growing. At Muse we’re excited to see where we will go from here.