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Experiences inspire action. Experiences are created when we make an emotional connection with colour, shape, language, imagery, sound, motion and texture.

After the Muse team discovered our keywords and themes, and created an outline of our brand story it was time to bring those words to life through the development of a visual brand experience that authentically communicates who we are.

We started with colour. Colour is a persuasive communicator. It evokes emotional reactions in the subconscious mind. From our brand exploration we determined that “creativity” and “sophistication” are two of the words that connect with the Muse brand and so the colour purple was chosen. Orange and yellow evoke “optimism”, or in our case “Big Thinking” and “Enthusiasm”. Love, kindness, and generosity are communicated by the colour pink.


brand colours


The selection of a bold colour palette was intentional, and meant to reflect our belief in being “brave and strong”. It is also a reflection of being authentic and honest. It is important to consider the saturation and vibrancy of colours. A deep, dark orange may communicate something much different than a sharp, vibrant orange.

Two themes emerged during our internal brand discovery sessions. The concept of “the journey” reflects our belief in creating lasting relationships with our clients that starts with uncovering their greatness, followed by every conversation, collaboration and success along the way. The second is leadership. We strive to mentor and to lead: to guide our clients, colleagues and our team members every step along the journey.

To represent the concepts of “Journey” and “Leadership”, we combined our primary colour pallet into a beautiful gradient representing movement and evolution. The resulting colour gradient resembles a sunset: the vista that we most admire at the end of the day. A sunset both inspires and invites a moment for pause and reflection. It wasn’t intentional to create a sunset pallet. It emerged from our core beliefs, keywords and themes. Ironically, at Muse, it’s common for us to pause at the end of a work day and gather around the window to admire a beautiful sunset.




Next, we considered the choice of imagery to support our core themes. It seemed only natural to gravitate toward images of children at play, pretending to be pilots, astronauts, and superheroes. Children think big. They use imagination and creativity. They believe anything is possible. Their dreams and ideas are charged with passion and love.


Children playing image board conceptThe final result combines the colour pallet and the imagery into one cohesive concept that communicates a complete brand experience.


brand imagery + colour pallet


Muse works with businesses and organizations to help them articulate their cause, purpose and belief. It’s the starting point along a journey to greatness. To symbolize the journey, we chose the icon of a map marker. To represent the concept of “Ideas” we chose the icon of a thought bubble. Combined, these two elements create the Muse brand mark: a symbol that communicates our “Why” both visually and conceptually.

Iconography concept


Muse icon


“At Muse we start with the belief that we are all connected and that a great idea shared can change everything.”