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What Is Brand-First Marketing?

Muse is a brand-first marketing agency. What does that mean?
It means that we begin by making certain the brand is fully realized before entering into active marketing activities for our clients. Essentially, Branding comes first. Marketing comes second.

The most successful companies – regardless of size – focus on both their branding and marketing. The combination is powerful. And the order in which you approach branding and marketing matters.

Branding is an Opportunity

Branding begins inside your organization. Marketing begins with the consumer. We see a client’s brand as the first priority of strategic marketing, particularly for small businesses. Remember, your brand is the culmination of everything you are: the experience someone has on your website or on a call, the way you show up in the world, both in person and online, and what others say about you, in human conversations and on review platforms.

Your brand goes well beyond your logo and tagline. Many businesses and organizations are not currently leveraging the power of their brands to maximum effect. That’s why we begin by focusing on the brand. There are many simple, inexpensive and easily implemented branding best practices that can be put into place to make sure you are getting attention, and the right kind of attention, for your business or organization.

Consistency Builds Trust

There are many places where your business can (and should) show up online beyond your website. Google listings and maps, business directories, review platforms, referral platforms, vendor/partner websites, local search engines, all contribute to your online footprint. We make sure you are showing up in the right places, and showing up consistently.

Branding is Long-term

The efforts invested into effective and consistent branding have a lasting effect on your success. That is why we make it a priority for all our clients. Taking some time to build out your brand makes it easier for people to become your customers. They get to know you faster. They see that you show up with focused messaging and an offering that is accurate and meaningful to them. And it keeps on working long after the initial work is done.

A Brand Foundation

Once a brand foundation has been created, it can be maintained, monitored and fine-tuned over time. But it really starts with making sure your brand is ready for doing business and active marketing. This is foundational branding. It starts with an evaluation and audit of your current brand footprint, followed by recommendations, planning and implementation.

We Didn’t Invent This

A Brand-first approach to marketing is not unique and we didn’t “invent” the idea. Like many strategies we use in our work, the Brand-first strategy is a proven approach used by many of the most successful businesses today. Most large companies appreciate the value effective branding contributes to their long-term success, but many small businesses are not yet taking full advantage of what it can do for them. That’s where we shine. We help businesses and organizations by improving their brand health to support future marketing efforts.
We do this because we know that marketing activities are consistently more successful when supported by a strong brand.

Where To Begin?

If you want to get started on maximizing the potential of your brand, a good place to start is with a conversation. Get in touch with us for a complimentary 30 minute call or Zoom. Bring your challenges and questions.