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Industrial Strength Creative Community

Back in April 2016, Muse moved our office to a creative industries space called ‘The Cotton Factory’. This 165,000 square foot complex was built in 1900 as the Imperial Cotton Company. Back then textile production was one of the largest industries in our home city of Hamilton, Ontario.

What a difference this has made for us. At a time when many creative companies are giving up office space in favour of ‘remote working’, we decided to invest in a place. The results have been spectacular in so many ways.

We’re not just talking about any old space here because we really lucked out. Picture wide open space with 16 foot ceilings, original hardwood floors and windows with panoramic views of the city, including the Niagara Escarpment. This place is inspiring! Beyond the actual physical space, there exists a creative atmosphere that people say they can actually ‘feel’ when they walk in. Plus we have talented, creative, and welcoming neighbours. This is a real community.

Our team knew we had to be here the first time we saw it. An office located on the third floor of an old factory in a part of town known as ‘Industrial Sector C’? The last thing on our minds was visibility. We expected to be off the beaten path and somewhat off the radar. The first week we put our logo on the doors 3,000 people walked by for a special weekend event. The following week there was a major fashion show with the area’s top designers, eight restaurants and 700 guests in attendance. Friends and colleagues started calling with “Hey, I went by your new office last week.” and “When can I come by for a tour?” We are officially on the map. This place is a hive of activity.

What has happened during the first six months in our new home? Productivity has increased. Our team feels more focused and better connected to each other since we moved in. Business opportunities have increased through our new face-to-face network. And our ideas got bigger. What they say about high ceilings giving room for bigger thinking seems to be true. We also feel a sense that anything is possible, and that we can take on bigger responsibilities with room to grow physically to meet any new challenge.

By the way, new spaces are being created at the Cotton Factory as I write this. Let me know if you would like a tour.