Isaac Noko

“Artists can have greater access to reality; they can see patterns and details and connections that other people, distracted by the blur of life, might miss. Just sharing that truth can be a very powerful thing.”

~ Jay – Z

Isaac Noko

Marketing Coordinator

Isaac is a Marketing Coordinator, social media team member, and self-described ‘word ninja’. He might be naturally stoic and quiet but when he speaks there’s immense preparation and thoughtfulness to his words. We affectionately call him our ‘Archer’ because of his ability to achieve results with bullseye precision. Although pragmatic and having a history in the financial industry, Isaac is naturally drawn to creative endeavors. His varied interests, experiences, and skills make him well-suited as a Muse. When he is not creating compelling content, he enjoys watching documentaries on politics or obsessing over the minutiae of his latest hobby.

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