Joanna Williams - Communication Strategist

“Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”

~ Jean-Louis Gassee

Joanna Williams

Communication Strategist

Joanna Williams is our content creator, social media specialist, and blog writer. She is also our “Anchor”. She’s the strong, quiet type that gets a handle on the situation quickly and has at least two strategies ready before she dives in. She started working with Muse as Social Media and PR Manager for Telling Tales, where she achieved remarkably high engagement. Joanna now works with Muse clients to maximize the effectiveness of their social channels. Joanna keeps them on brand with dedicated support and strategic postings. She combines expert research with an authentic communication style that consistently produce results. Joanna has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Carleton University and a Public Relations certificate from McMaster University. Joanna and her husband have two lovely young daughters who can’t wait for Telling Tales each year.

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