Mark Tharme - Creative Director - Muse Marketing Group

Mark Tharme

Creative Director

“When your message reflects your brand, and your brand reflects your company values, you are doing business authentically.”

~ Mark Tharme

We don’t know how it happens, but we know when it happens. Mark’s knack for the “Blink” moment has earned him his reputation as our “Maverick Leader”. If you’re not sure what that means may we suggest you read up on Sally Hogshead and Malcolm Gladwell?

Mark draws his inspiration from a wide range of disciplines. He’s a type-geek and music-freak – the ultimate fan of Saul Bass, David Carson and Joe Strummer. A voracious reader and media junkie, Mark is known to quote Bernadette Jiwa one minute, Jerry Seinfeld the next.

A graphic designer by trade, Mark’s design career now spans four decades. What does that really mean? He can’t drive through a city or walk into a record store without seeing one of his logos, album covers or designs. He’s a creative director, university lecturer and social media advisor. Mark is the consummate mentor, and student of life. Mark guides Muse through every new project and design challenge with gentle composure, then “Blink!” It happens.