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Should you leverage illustration in branding?

Disclaimer: The author of this blog post is 100% in favour of illustration in branding and a friend of all illustrators. This is meant to…
Muse Marketing Group Blog, Branding for non profits
Is Branding Important for a Not-for-Profit?
Muse Marketing Group article - Seasonality of Work
The Evolution of Canada’s Most Iconic Logos
keep track of your online properties

Do you own your online properties?

If you own a business you probably have a website. You also more than likely use a plethora of online platforms to manage, market, and…
return on investment for marketing, image of a laptop computer with charts and graphs to represent measuring
What is the Return On Investment for Marketing?
An Introduction to Digital Accessibility
Web Design
Muse Marketing Group - Custom website design, article
Web Design

Do I Need a Custom Website?

Do I really need a custom website?  It's a legitimate question to ask. Let me be clear: I have nothing against websites made using website…
The new Muse website - Endless possibilities
Web Design
A New Website Designed to Entertain
Muse Marketing Group article - Weight of a Website
Web Design
The Weight of the Website – Creating Energy-Efficient Websites

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Hey Siri, make me a logo

I recently heard someone liken artificial intelligence to the mystifying and transformative power of electricity during the 19th century. One can only assume that electricity…
Ben Rudolph
August 29, 2017
Sponsorship and sportsMarketing

Sponsorships And Sports

This fall, when you watch the opening jump-ball of the first Toronto Raptors game, you may notice something different. No, the fundamental rules of basketball…
Ben Rudolph
August 10, 2017