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These days, people have little tolerance for old-fashioned advertising pitches. Making grand claims about your product or service turns people off. In fact, They Don’t Even Believe It. That’s right. Recent studies have shown less than 17 percent of people believe conventional advertising claims. It works, but it’s not efficient, and you still won’t be reaching your ideal customer.

We have the ability to build rapport with customers and prospective customers like never before. There are so many places where people go to ask questions, share information, offer opinions, opportunities and problems. But to keep it simple, it’s all one place. They go online. Start a conversation with your online community.

Just a few short years ago the worldwide web was a new frontier. Today, most businesses have a website. But many businesses are not taking advantage of the potential of online marketing. If your current website is more like a brochure on the web, maybe it’s time to consider a more robust strategy.