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Writing the next chapter of our brand story

As Muse began our own rebrand, we realized our stories revealed important truths about ourselves. We reflected back to the very beginning of Muse, sitting on a front porch on a few beautiful summer evenings talking about the future. We can tell you exactly what that felt like as if it were yesterday; sights, sounds, smells became indelibly stamped in our minds, and became linked to a collection of intense feelings – excitement, fear, and possibility. Who is Muse? Our stories tell it best because they’re real, they happened, and are meaningful to us.

“…hold on fiercely to that childlike sense of wonder, imagination, and freedom…”

We started with words that express how we feel about WHY we formed Muse – our cause, purpose, and belief. Stories work because they make you feel something. Telling someone what you do doesn’t create feelings; telling them WHY you do it does.

Our storytelling process reveals the essence of who you are. Together we work on a blueprint, a path forward, to help you write the next chapter of your brand story. Like a good book, a story doesn’t work if it’s sitting on a shelf. Stories need to be told, heard, shared, and experienced. The power of stories is in the telling. They help us relate to each other when we actually live in them. Stories break through barriers to understanding. They change perceptions, inspire performance and accelerate progress.

A brand story is more than copy, content or the words you use to communicate your message. It’s an intricate picture that combines facts and feelings. It expresses who you really are. Brand stories communicate your vision and your value truthfully. It reminds you where your idea began and how you share it with the world. Muse crafts brand stories that guide your communications and even your decision making.

What will our story be going forward? Here’s what we know: We will hold on fiercely to that childlike sense of wonder, imagination, and freedom that powers our ideas. We will continue to recognize that the work we do is a journey to be savored and appreciated, not just a destination to be reached. We will be honest with ourselves, each other, and our clients. We deserve it and so do they. We remain committed to telling authentic stories that inspire.