Deafblind and Sensory Support Network of Canada

Creating a meaningful brand to reflect

multi-sensory impairment services.

The Challenge

The Canadian Deafblind Association (Ontario Chapter) required a new name and brand identity to meet impending organizational change and to accurately reflect the new and expanded audiences they intend to serve.

Our Approach

Engaging stakeholders from the very beginning helped to create a powerful brand that is representative of their approach to opening the door to endless possibilities for people with deafblindness and multisensory impairment.

Mark and Judy presenting Uncover your greatness
Mark explaining "Start with why"
The written results from Uncover your greatness session

Uncover Your Greatness

Muse worked with a large group of stakeholders to guide the organization through the transformation to Sensity. Our Uncover Your Greatness process is an intensive and collaborative approach to discovery. The meetings and facilitation session helped to gather valuable knowledge which ultimately informed the new name, branding, and marketing strategy for the future.

Sensity Logo


The new name needed to give the organization the ability to become a national/international brand, and an authoritative voice for people working with multi-sensory impairment. We believed the organization needed an original word; something shorter and catchier that speaks to their expertise with multi-sensory impairment. ‘Sensity’ is a hybrid of ‘sense’ and allows them to convey their most important differentiator. A contemporary approach, the name sounds fresh and forward-thinking. It is easy to say, remember, and spell. To ensure a smooth transition and awareness, we recommended the qualifier line: Deafblind and Sensory Support Network of Canada.


The Sensity logo visually demonstrates a multi-sensory experience. The symbol is an abstract representation of two hands, each one reaching out to the other. This suggests a tactile experience to symbolize communication that takes place between an intervenor and a person who is deafblind or otherwise sensory-impaired. The overall image also suggests the shape of an eye, and can be interpreted as sound waves. There is a visual “flow” to the symbol that suggests movement, connectivity, and caring. Multi-coloured lines represent ‘multi-sensory’, diversity, and happiness. Using a palette of colours emphasizes that each Sensity client is unique and often develops their own unique ways to learn and communicate.


We are proud of this video and never tire from watching it. One can’t help but smile when watching the inspiring lives of the clients at Sensity. The video shines a light on the new organization by focusing on the relationships intervenors have with their clients, and showcasing Sensity’s physical resources. It demonstrates what Sensity does, where they are going, and shares the expanded mandate of the organization. Muse wrote, directed, and produced the video with our strategic partners at Black Lake Video.

Behind the scenes 

Over the course of this video project Muse had the great fortune to meet many extraordinary people. From the clients, intervenors and staff at Sensity to members of the community and the team at Black Lake.

Brand Materials

As a newly branded organization, Sensity required a range of brand materials to help build awareness of their transition. Muse developed brochures, a presentation folder, PowerPoint templates, exterior and interior signage, lanyards, and a stationery system.

Sensity Brand Style Guide Cover
Sensity Brand Style Guide, by Muse Marketing Group

Brand Style Guide

Many individuals and departments work with the Sensity brand elements. The brand style guide provides formal directions for working with these elements in a consistent manner.


Having a user friendly and effective user experience (UX) is critical to the success of all websites. This project provided us with the opportunity to design and build a website requiring advanced accessibility. It includes features to increase text size, change colour contrasts, and meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance.


It is very important for all audiences visiting the Sensity website and reading their brand materials to access the information they need. We created clear and concise key messages and language to consistently communicate who Sensity is and what they do.

AODA Compliance

The Sensity branding and website project needed to be AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) compliant. We made sure that the logo and branding are clean and easy to view, and that all materials took into account our audience needs. The new Sensity website is WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant.

View the Website

Since launching their new name and brand, Sensity has gained international recognition for their work, including presenting to the 17th Deafblind International World Conference in Gold Coast, Australia in 2019. The Sensity team is leveraging the new name and brand to excellent effect in their various communities, and they are growing awareness and reach as intended.

From the client

“Thanks to the awesome team at Muse Marketing Group for their enthusiasm on this project, stellar leadership and professionalism throughout this rebranding process.”

Cathy ProllExecutive Director, Sensity