An advanced Tier II manufacturer has a website that’s built to last

The Challenge

Adventec Manufacturing is a vertically integrated Tier 2 supplier focused on providing creative, advanced technical assistance to its customers. Their product expertise encompasses a range of advanced automotive electrical applications including EV Batteries, Inverters, and High Current Interconnects. They are a ‘GO TO’ partner for design development, prototyping and high volume production for the most challenging technical components and sub-assemblies.

Muse creates websites that are built to last. Along with making sure they are easy to navigate and update, they are also fast loading so users don’t get frustrated. All websites benefit from regular maintenance. This includes platform and plugin updates and the addition of fresh new content.

The original Muse-designed Adventec website was launched back in 2015. It has performed beautifully for the past seven years, but was starting to show signs of its age. was ready for an overhaul. The client didn’t want to make major changes to the site. They already liked it just the way we’d designed it.

Our Approach

Our web team brought all the original content and styling over to a fresh new WordPress platform to ensure future compatibility. In the years since the original site was developed, a lot has happened in web design technology, and in WordPress specifically. We were able to make the new site faster, smoother and more engaging. We appreciated the opportunity to bring Adventec’s online experience back up to the state of the art. It’s a pleasure to make sure a Muse-designed website continues to deliver a superior user experience.

A well-built website is much like other machines and electronics – If you invest in a quality product and look after it with some regular maintenance, it will provide excellent value by performing its duties properly over the long term.

Muse Marketing Group - Adventec website design

The Adventec website conveys their wide range of manufacturing capabilities and the various industries they serve. Clean and simple navigation allows site visitors to easily get to the most important and useful information. Plain language writing helps to keep the amount of technical jargon to a minimum. This lets visitors using online translation better understand the information provided. Adventec works with clients from across the globe. The website design reflects the technical nature of their work. At a glance, users can tell this is a technology driven company.