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Adventec is a Canadian manufacturing success story. They integrate design, engineering and manufacturing under one roof. We were impressed by their automated and versatile work cells operating 24/7 using robotics and custom-developed end-of-arm tools. The Muse team took inspiration from their approach and developed a brand refresh emphasizing technology, efficiency and integration.

adventec on desktop

The Adventec Website
Motion and automation

The “cool factor” of Adventec had to translate to their website. Motion animation conveys Adventec’s automated systems. Intuitive navigation takes viewers through their capabilities and industry sectors with style.

Elegant form
and function.

Hexagon-based design elements provide appropriate visual interest. We see Adventec as a hive of activities working together intelligently.

adventec ipad
adventec mobile

A great mobile experience is essential.

“Business today runs on hand-held devices. Our customers need to see that you can provide what they need right from their smart phone while standing on the factory floor.” -Adventec manager

Experience it for yourself.

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Great images matter.

The right photography elevates the brand experience and provides rich detail to the message.

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