Baumen Associates Ltd.

Rebranding for a mature company with a great reputation.

The Challenge

Baumen Associates Ltd. is a family-owned business. Three generations have brought the company to where they are today. They were ready to update their branding and messaging to reflect renewed energy and their commitment to future growth.

Our Approach

With a family-owned enterprise it’s really important to get to know the people – their goals, values, and personalities. No matter how effective a visual brand may be, it has to be a great fit for the people it represents. It’s personal. We ask a lot of questions to gain a clear understanding of who the company really is. 


Animation was explored as a way to both bring the new logo to life and to give energy and motion to the client’s new website. Leveraging the concept behind the logo’s design, the animation highlights the convergence of the three points with an energetic quality that reinforces the kinetic feeling of the brand. This animation was then expanded on to become background animations on the website to give every page a lively energy.

Stationery design of Baumen Branding

Brand Materials

The brand comes to life through every piece created. Interior and exterior signage, print materials and document designs, and promotional items leverage the clean look, fresh colours, and global iconography that supports the brand.

Baumen Brand Style Guide Cover
Baumen Brand Style Guide, Muse Marketing Group

Brand Style Guide

Even closely controlled brands benefit from having a brand style guide. It keeps things consistent. When there’s a new hire, referencing the brand guide helps new employees understand more about the company and the brand. Over the years, clients may forget important details such as what the official colours and typefaces are. The style guide keeps all this information in one place.


The primary goal for the Baumen website was to make it easy for site visitors to understand the business offering, and to quickly identify the right “funnel”. Are you a component manufacturer? Or are you seeking Canadian representation for your company? On page animations help to visualize the role Baumen can play in the future success of your business.

View the Website

Muse understands the serious responsibility of rebranding a great company that has committed over 40 years to building a reputation for excellence. A new brand will impact the company principals, employees, long term customers, and new business development. There needs to be a case for change. In this case, we recognized that our client had evolved into a sophisticated and technology driven business for the 21st century. The branding we developed and proposed now reflects where Baumen is today, and plans to be tomorrow.

From the client

“Baumen has been providing Canadian manufacturing solutions for over 40 years now. While we’ve transitioned over the years, from a focus on mainly electronic components to adopting lines of thermal sensing, power control, air movement controls and more – our brand identity was left behind. We have been receiving nothing but positive feedback on our new brand identity and website. Undoubtedly, these new assets contributed to the recruitment of a promising new hire as well. Thank you!”

Emileah BaumenOperational Strategy & Sales Consultant, Baumen