Brown Lawyers

At a glance, you can tell that this is a different kind of law firm. Welcome to ‘Life in Balance’.

The Challenge

Brown Lawyers takes a preventive approach to legal matters. They help their clients achieve legal wellbeing through planning. Our challenge was to create a brand that reflects a positive and happy experience for clients. The focus of the law firm was changing, and this change needed to be reflected in how they communicate.

Our Approach

Law firms tend to look serious and conservative, and for practical reason; legal issues are usually pretty serious. Muse recommended taking a fresh approach by developing a visual brand that is both professional and light-hearted, because preventive law can actually be enjoyable for the client.

Logo Design

The Brown Lawyers symbol represents Harmony and Balance. Horizontal waves of blues and browns convey a landscape and seascape that is both calming and peaceful; feelings that can be achieved when preventive law is provided to clients. The circle and the selected blues communicate a sense of trust. The various tints of sandy browns suggest a beach, in proximity to the blues which suggest water. We want to evoke the senses of being at the beach. It says “Relax!”

Brand Materials

Every communication by the client presents an opportunity to help audiences remember you and better understand your value. The Brown Lawyers business cards, brochures, website, signage and advertising all build on the brand foundation.


Staff photos showcase the most important asset of any company – the people. Great portraits allow your audience to better connect with the people and the personalities that make up the organization. The Brown Lawyers legal team are professionals who strive to make the client experience enjoyable. Today, great photos are more important than ever.

Brand Style Guide

Part of embracing the brand means providing staff with great tools to use in their daily work. A brand style guide provides formal directions for working with the brand elements in a consistent manner. Consistency builds credibility in the minds of viewers and makes it easier for them to remember what you’re all about.


The Brown Lawyers website is a clean and simple experience for users on any screen size. From the moment you arrive, you know you’re not on a typical law firm website. An elephant balancing on a ball represents their slogan “Life in Balance.” Elephants are loyal, and they never forget. They’re also fun to look at! The ball is also the Brown Lawyers symbol. This actively managed website is easy to update with fresh content and new information is delivered regularly through their blog.

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Social Media Management

Social media provides an opportunity to demonstrate the Brown Lawyers brand and build awareness for their preventive approach to law. Their posts offer useful information to consumers. Professionally prepared content builds trust and loyalty. In a world where face-to-face engagement has become challenging, active participation on social media channels lets companies stay connected to their clients and community.

Marketing Strategy

A significant amount of time and effort from both Muse and the Brown Lawyers leadership team was devoted to developing the direction of the brand and the marketing strategy. The payoff for not rushing this important stage has been the extremely positive reception the new branding has received since launch. For a strategy to be completely successful, it needs to be embraced by all stakeholders, not only clients. Getting this right makes everything else easier.


The new brand has been an opportunity to generate excitement and renewed energy at the company through their reinvigorated brand. The focus of the company was shifting, and the change is now reflected in everything they do. The new website provides easier access to the most important information users are looking for. The blog helps to educate customers and is building Brown Lawyers’ performance in search ranking.