Clara AI Brand Mark

Clara AI

A powerful AI tool requiring a brand and website to match its future-focused momentum.

The Challenge

Muse has worked with RTA Corp since 2015. A tech start-up, RTA (Remote Transactional Analysis) uses machine learning technology to identify and recover unrealized revenue through duty drawbacks, trade tariffs, customs duties, and overpayments/duplicate payments for companies that conduct high volumes of transactions. Their clients are primarily Fortune 500 companies doing business globally.

Our Approach

Muse used our Uncover Your Greatness approach to discover and identify priorities for the new brand. It’s a deep dive into the vision and purpose of the company and its leaders. We worked closely with the RTA team to “uncover” the unique qualities of the company and why they matter to the world. Together we determined that the product required its own name and visual identity.

Uncover Your Greatness

Muse worked with the Clara ownership and management teams to guide the organization through the branding process. Our Uncover Your Greatness process is an intensive and collaborative approach to discovery. The meetings and facilitation session help gather valuable knowledge which ultimately informed product naming, branding, and their marketing strategy.

Clara AI logo

Clara AI is experiencing rapid growth and performance. RTA Corp credits their branding, website, and written communication, all developed by Muse, with creating immediate credibility with strategic partners who are now aligned with the company to deliver a valuable and game-changing product and service in the global marketplace.

From the client

“Muse repackaged an extremely technical program as a highly marketable product. Their effective branding and excellent web design have spurred customer engagement and increased sales. They utilize a unique discovery process to understand and manifest company values into marketing deliverables.”

Scott HarropCEO, ClaraAI