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Muse has worked with RTA Corp since 2015. A tech start-up, RTA (Remote Transactional Analysis) uses machine learning technology to identify and recover unrealized revenue through duty drawbacks, trade tariffs, customs duties, fraud, and overpayments/duplicate payments for companies that conduct high volumes of transactions. Their clients are typically Fortune 500 companies doing business globally.


The Clara AI Brand

Muse created the name and branding for “Clara” to represent the product. Clara was originally launched in 2016, and was immediately embraced by both RTA clients and the Clara sales team. Clara field representatives refer to themselves as “Clarafiers”, to describe both their role in clarifying the value of the product to prospective clients and the ability of the product to rapidly identify anomalies within vast amounts of transactional data sets.

By early 2018 the product and the brand had evolved. ClaraAI accurately reflects the sophisticated technology supporting their product offering today. ClaraAI encourages companies to “Demand intelligence.”

Results. Performance, Partnerships, Purpose

Clara AI is experiencing incredible growth and performance. RTA Corp credits their branding, website, and written communication by Muse, with creating immediate credibility and rapport with strategic partners who are now aligned with the company to deliver a valuable and game-changing product and service in the global marketplace.

ClaraAI recognizes it has a higher purpose: When a company or organization can realize all potential profits by eliminating “leaks”, it gives them a competitive advantage in their market. ClaraAI enhances business performance, and ultimately lower costs to end consumers. This is increasingly evident in the retail sector.

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Clara AI website

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