The art of rebranding

Working with Dundas Valley School of Art is a labour of love for Muse. We’ve been fans of this long-established and well-respected art school for many years. The opportunity to rebrand DVSA was our chance to bring the visual brand up to a level that the school has deserved and needed for many years. You could say that Muse brought passion to this project.

The logo.
Versatile and relevant.

DVSA is a “kinetic” logo. The letterforms remain consistent and the contents can change to reflect various artistic disciplines and interests. Rather than feature a single brand colour, the primary logo is multi-coloured to reflect the rich tapestry of art instruction and community available through the school.


An elevated experience.

DVSA gives the end user an elevated experience, a sense of joy you feel when interacting with beautiful art. This fully functional website needs to do everything well. It also has to appeal to both the professional artist while not intimidating the newcomer. Above all, we made the course registration process a breeze, removing the barriers to doing business online, while appealing to diverse audiences.

This “in-between” size requires a custom appearance.

Tablet users represent a significant percentage of today’s online audience. Small screens shouldn’t be seen as an afterthought. It’s important to maintain an excellent user experience on all devices.


Browse courses while sipping a latte.

People need to be able to browse over 100 courses and register easily online from their smart phones while sitting in their favourite coffee shop. The web experience is ready, whenever and wherever the customer has the time and the inspiration to do business.

dvsa mobile-left
dvsa mobile-middle
dvsa mobile-right

Experience it for yourself.

View the DVSA Website

View the DVSA Website


What better way to showcase the experienced and talented instructors at DVSA than to capture them through beautiful photography? The portraits were taken by digital brand strategist/photographer Brandin Hall over a series of photo sessions. The pages are programmed to allow each faculty member to populate their own content, including CV, portfolio, and exhibits.

It was the easiest registration and payment I have ever used! The brochure design looks amazing! As I was thumbing through the new catalog I was thinking Wow! the paper, the typesetting, the logo, wow. Well done Muse!

Feedback from a DVSA client

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