Financial Planet

A financial planning revolution requires a brave and revolutionary name and brand identity. Welcome to Financial Planet.

The Challenge

When our client told us about their new venture, we thought it sounded out of this world. Most financial planners are compensated for their work though commissions on financial products they sell. But what if an advisor didn’t sell “product”? Charging a fair fee for professional advice is more transparent and customer-focused. The challenge: How to demonstrate this difference in a clear and memorable way?

Our Approach

Everything we knew about financial planning needed to be reexamined. Who would this approach be right for? How could we attract the attention of high net worth investors and those just starting out in a way that makes it clear that this is a game-changer? We also need to appeal to financial planners who could “see the writing on the wall”.

Logo Design

A big idea needed a BIG name. Muse proposed the name Financial Planet. This led to developing the tagline “Planning that revolves around you.” The name is suitably different from traditional financial companies. The logo and brand environment is inspired by space and space travel. Influenced by nostalgic images from science fiction of the fifties and sixties, the world of Financial Planet is colourful, exciting, and can appeal to all ages groups.

Brand Materials

Our designers had fun creating the visual assets for the FP brand. Every planet, background, and design element has been built to live in this branded world. Animation brings the Financial Planet world into motion. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to delight and entertain audiences.

Brand Style Guide

The Financial Planet environment is big.  The brand style guide provides formal directions for working with the custom design elements in a consistent manner, building credibility and memorability in the minds of viewers. Colours, typography, and appropriate usage for images are all covered in the guide book.


People go to websites for one thing: information. But that doesn’t mean you can’t entertain them while you’re delivering your message. Attention spans are short. is designed to make it easy to understand what is being offered. We want the audience to feel as if they are travelling through space from one section to another. Of course this needs to happen smoothly on all screens and sizes to make it easy to read and fun to look at.

Social Media Management

Social media provides an opportunity to increase awareness while elevating the Financial Planet brand. Careful handling ensures consistency in the communication of the brand. When you’re starting a financial revolution, social platforms are a great place to find your believers. Muse is creating the branded look for platforms, and developing engaging content to help tell their story.

Marketing Strategy

Muse developed a comprehensive marketing plan to launch the Financial Planet brand. We focused on establishing a voice for the brand – Serious, experienced, and with a sense of adventure. The vision behind Financial Planet comes from Kevin O’Brien, a highly experienced financial planner and author. Muse leverages the power of the leader in marketing the FP brand.


The Financial Planet branding and website are helping to establish the company as a serious new entry into the competitive financial planning services industry. Muse looks forward to continuing the journey with FP to build both their client base and their roster of fee-only financial planners. Muse is currently assisting with technical solutions for their communications requirements.