InRoads Insurance

Transforming an insurance broker to accurately reflect their offering and community-minded spirit.

The Challenge

InRoads’ previous brand identity was dated. It symbolized a road, and since they offer much more than auto insurance, it was time for a change. They needed a full rebrand and a new and fully responsive website.

Our Approach

The new InRoads brand identity places emphasis on the first two letters of their industry focus and business name: “IN”surance and “IN”Roads. It provides a virtually unlimited opportunity to leverage the word “IN”.

Logo Design

The letter “N” is subliminal. There’s a hidden letter “N” inside the letter “I”. The symbol doubles as a stylized speech bubble to represent commitment to real communication with their valued customers. The colours are inspired by nature – blue from beautiful Lake Ontario and yellow from the sun – and are intended to be pleasing to the eye. A full Brand Guide helps to achieve consistency for the brand as it evolves over time.

Brand Materials

Every communication presents an opportunity to help audiences remember you and understand you better. InRoads business cards, banners, mailings, presentation folders, and ad campaigns all build on the brand foundation.


Team photos showcase the most important asset of any company – the people. Great portraits and group photos let your audience see the people and the personalities behind the organization. The InRoads team are professionals who like to have fun as part of their culture. The photos say that even better than words.

InRoads Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

Part of embracing the brand means providing assets to staff to use in their day to day work. The brand style guide provides formal directions for working with these elements in a consistent manner, which builds credibility and memorability in the minds of viewers.


The goal for the InRoads website was to create a clean, simple, and app-like experience for users on mobile and desktop screens. This friendly online experience accurately reflects their people and their brand. This actively managed site is easy to update with fresh content and relevant information delivered through their blog.

Social Media Management

Social media provides an opportunity to elevate the InRoads brand and ensure consistency in the communication of the brand. Their posts offer useful information to consumers. It also helps to make it personal. InRoads is a community-minded company so it’s a natural fit for social communities. Professionally prepared content helps build trust and loyalty.

Marketing Strategy

Muse developed a comprehensive marketing plan to generate excitement and renewed energy around InRoads. We focused on establishing a new voice for the brand – fun, light, and community-focused. The plan leverages the “It’s all about IN” creative concept for new initiatives including newsletter (InRoads INsider), social responsibility activities (InRoads INvolved), and blog (InRoads INformed), providing useful information to help people better understand their insurance needs.


The new brand has been an opportunity to generate excitement and renewed energy at the company through a reinvigorated brand. It’s more than the words and graphics. The brand comes to life in everything InRoads is doing. The new website provides easier access to the most important information users are looking for. The blog helps to educate customers and is building performance in search ranking.

From the client

“Our entire team is thrilled with the new InRoads brand. It just fits us better, and it has inspired a new energy here. It’s a great feeling to hand out my business card or welcome clients to our office. Muse has nailed it as far as we’re concerned. Thank you!”

Bryan McClenaghanPartner, InRoads Insurance Brokers