Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada

Building the voice of motorcycling in Canada – A Marketing Case Study

The Challenge

MCC is a non-profit organization. The challenge is to create national campaign strategies that maximize awareness for both the organization and their annual motorcycle safety campaign, all within a modest budget. This is our Marketing Case Study.

Our Approach

We take a strategic approach that always puts the brand first. Since we began working with MCC in 2016 our priority has been to build the MCC brand as a trusted organization and industry leader, while building audience awareness and interest.


MCC commissioned an in depth socio-economic study. They wanted to make the data more accessible to educate their members, the public, and government officials about the economic impact of motorcycling across Canada. To clearly illustrate this we created a series of Infographics that reflect national and provincial statistics. These resource materials also help support member efforts to advocate on behalf of the motorcycling community.

Corporate Materials

Muse develops creative themes for MCC for a variety of initiatives. This includes coming up with the “big ideas”, crafting the messaging, and building the graphic elements. We have created resources and tools to support the safety campaign. Posters ready for printing, logos, and other useful tools reside on the website for use by provincial organizations and regional clubs.


The Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) made its way across Canada in September 2019 as part of an around the world journey. Over 11 days women guardians rode their motorcycles across the country, passing along a hand-carved baton across seven provinces. MCC sponsored a welcome reception in Hamilton as part of the relay. We were fortunate to meet many inspiring women participating in this unique ride. We interviewed them, took photos and video footage. Then we created a video to highlight their individual stories.


Muse developed the website to engage MCC’s many stakeholders: member federations, motorcycle riders, safety advocates, manufacturers, and representatives at all levels of government. The website engages riders through interactive functionalities, features interesting articles, and provides a wealth of resources.

Ads & Campaign Materials

Muse creates digital and print media ads to promote Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. For 2019 the emphasis was on distracted driving. Since launching the campaign in 2017, metrics demonstrated that we were doing an excellent job of reaching motorcycle riders. We recommended shifting to messages targeting car drivers to create awareness of vulnerable road users including motorcyclists. A campaign based on short, simple messages that leveraged popular film titles received plenty of attention and an overwhelmingly positive response on their social media platforms and through earned media. Lethal Weapon, Close Encounters, and Fatal Attraction caught the eyes and minds of viewers across Canada and the U.S. with a potential viewer audience of 35,670,900.

Strategic Communications

Muse worked closely with MCC board members and their Communications Committee to develop a strategic communications plan. The plan is revisited and updated annually to reflect changing needs and opportunities.

Through PR we are able to tell stories and engage with different audiences to help position MCC as a leader in the industry. In addition, MCC also requires government and media relations to forward causes and address issues. Muse provides support at all levels.

Social Media Management

Social media is a highly effective tool for MCC as it allows direct communication with people that have expressed an interest in motorcycling. Muse prepares strategic posts that offer a balance of information, news, and topics that will be engaging to MCC’s fans, while thoughtfully overseeing reputation management for the organization.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Each year, MCC takes a leadership role in promoting motorcycle safety. Since 2017 Muse has developed a public awareness campaign to reach both motorcyclists and drivers with the primary message, “Motorcycle Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.” The #MotorcycleSafetyPledge hashtag made it easy for people to share their stories and their support for this important cause.


A quick online search demonstrates that Muse has achieved the major goals set by MCC. Both nationally and internationally, MCC has attained a high level of awareness and credibility as an organization and as a safety advocate.

Muse received a Silver Marketing Communications Campaign of the Year award for the MCC 2018 Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Campaign.

From the client

“Muse continues to drive awareness and build credibility for MCC through their stewardship of our brand, messaging, and creative solutions. They are a trusted partner that truly understands our needs.”

Wayne DaubGeneral Manager, Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada