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One of the most exciting things Muse gets to do is work with startups. When the new company is built by entrepreneurs who are bringing a game-changing product to the market, it’s even more exciting. The challenge is finding the best way to communicate this new value to its ideal audience – forward-thinking companies that are open to doing things differently. RTA needed both branding for their company and a unique brand for their product, which is a software-as-a-service (SAS) solution.

Logo Design

When a new company brings a game-changing product to market, Muse gets excited. Our challenge was identifying the best way to communicate this new value to the ideal target audience – forward-thinking companies ready to do things better by doing it differently.


Introducing Clara® by RTA.

Clara® is the product name and public brand of RTA Corp. Clara® is memorable, simple, friendly, and very smart. She’s becoming a household name for businesses and organizations dealing with transactional analysis.


The RTA website.
It’s an experience.

Muse wrote all the language for the RTA website, and created an interactive experience that communicates the purpose and value of Clara® simply and elegantly. Like Clara itself, the RTA website takes the complex and makes it easy to understand.


The Tablet is a presentation tool.

The site is designed to be a self-directed presentation of the product/service. The RTA sales team (known as Clara-fiers) can use the company website as an introductory demo from any device.


Mobile Responsive.
The only way to go.

The mobile site retains the interactive feel of the desktop version without compromising readability. Wherever the viewer logs in, rtacorp.com functions with the same purpose and intent.


Try the experience

View the RTA Corp Website

View the RTA Website

Collectively our management has seen over 30 marketing presentations in recent years. Once Muse presented their fresh concept for our firm, we knew we had found our Marketing partner. Muse studied our complex technical concept and created a clear brand and message that resonates within our market. Their professionalism and creativity have positioned Muse as a valued advisor to our company.

Scott HarropPresident & CEO

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