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Telling Tales is Canada’s largest children’s literacy festival, and a year ‘round commitment to promoting literacy and inspiring a love of reading. For Muse, it’s our single biggest ongoing philanthropic project, and we are truly proud to be part of the amazing Telling Tales Team.

Telling Tales website

Telling Tales website.
A place for engagement and resources.

The Telling Tales website is a hub of activity offering information and functionality to multiple audiences. Presenters, volunteers, sponsors, and organizers all have different reasons to be on the site, and our primary audience includes both adults and children. We made it easy for the viewer to find what they need right from the home page in a visually friendly manner.

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Capture all the excitement.

Every year the Telling Tales Festival takes place at Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton, Ontario. It’s a picture-perfect location best shared through video. It’s the next best thing to being there. Muse works with a small team of professional videographers who help tell the Telling Tales story. Watch these 30 second spots and see what we mean.

Illustrations help tell the tale.

One of our early strategies was to commission a different Canadian children’s book illustrator each year to create an original artwork that compliments the annual theme for the festival. This has become a successful way to keep things exciting for our audiences while shining a light on talented Canadian artists. Collectible posters signed by all the presenters are given to our major sponsors.

Illustrators: Bernice Lum, Jeremy Tankard, Derek Douglas, Kevin Sylvester.

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