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If you’re a frequent visitor to the Muse website, you may have noticed our new redesign. When you return, you’ll notice it has changed. Click on our logo in the top left and it will change again.

“The new site is designed to entertain, inspire and demonstrate the possibilities available for contemporary website builds,” says Mark, Creative Director at Muse.

We have to credit the inspiration for the randomization concept to WeTransfer.  According to Muse President, Judy, “we’ve been using the file transfer service for many years and love that it places such a high value on design.” WeTransfer has made a typically mundane process interesting.

“Of course, with so many possibilities, this presents a unique challenge,” explains Digital Brand Strategist, Brandin Hall. “How do you test for possible bugs, or know if all the possible combinations will achieve an appealing look?” Brandin created a “ruleset” which ensures that no matter the combination, the elements always work in harmony. This means that longer text or smaller images are automatically adjusted to a fixed minimum or maximum.

It was also important that the copy on the site be as authentic and cohesive as possible so that when the messages are randomized, they reflect our brand and brand values.

Our goal is to shake up the “sameness” of traditional websites. If your site doesn’t inspire you, it’s not likely to inspire visitors that stumble upon it.

In 2018, we undertook a major rebranding of our agency. The latest iteration of the Muse website aims to continue this journey by creating something dynamic, unique and ever-evolving. We have developed a site that implements a range of fonts, colours, backgrounds, and original art to convey a mix of media and our own range as a creative agency. With each refresh, the various elements are randomised. Currently, there are 180 combinations possible on the homepage, and this will continue to grow as we introduce new elements. It offers a unique user experience every time you visit the website.

We always look to challenge ourselves when it comes to our brand. After all, branding is a journey, not a destination. Our Halloween-themed site “reskin” back in 2018 increased our site traffic by 22% and Facebook post engagement by 132%. This time around, we’re curious to see how our audience responds. Above all, just like with the Halloween-themed Muse website, we want this evolution of our site to be fun.

“The new Muse site feels like a playground in the best way — with room to explore!” – Olivia, Muse writer

Exponential possibilities mean exponential room to grow. The beauty of our new website is that we will be inspired to add new elements frequently. As Muse evolves, so will our website and we look forward to surprising you with new artwork, backgrounds, and copy in the coming months so check back often.

“If our website excites you then you know you’re in the right place.” – Clara, Account Manager

As you know, we love a challenge. What’s yours?